Individual Lots

Settlers Ridge is roughly 150 acres sub-divided into 30 individual lots. There is an existing Utility Water System serving approximately 50% of the lots. Lots atop the hill or farther away from the water system are being sold subject to the developer drilling a successful water well, which is included in the lot price.

The majority of all of the trees which are not located on the hill top are mature live oaks. The satellite images shown below are for the purpose of showing each lot's tree cover and any adjacent structures. Please keep in mind that these aerial photos where taken in the middle of summer and before the new central road was added to the development. Please see the development restrictions at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about topography, slope, setbacks or any other site specific info, please call Tina Fisher at 210-606-7767.

Lot 1

Area = 5.59 Acres
Water = On Water System

Property has Sold


Lot 2

Area = 6.19 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 3

Area = 5.71 Acres
Water = Well on Property


Lot 4

Area = 4.50 Acres
Water = Well Allowance

Property has Sold


Lot 5

Area = 4.13Acres
Water = Well on Property


Lot 6

Area = 3.85 Acres
Water = Well Allowance

Property has Sold


Lot 7

Area = 4.52 Acres

Property has Sold


Lot 8

Area = 4.79 Acres

Property has Sold


Lot 9

Area = 4.30 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 10

Area = 4.08 Acres
Water = Well on Property


Lot 11

Area = 7.07 Acres

Property has Sold



Lot 12

Area = 6.69 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 13

Area = 5.59 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 14

Area = 3.97 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 15

Area = 5.48 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 16

Area = 4.70 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 17

Area = 5.41 Acres
Water = On Water System


Lot 18

Area = 4.95 Acres

Property has Sold


Lot 19

Area = 4.98 Acres
Water = On Water System

Property has Sold


Lot 20

Area = 4.10 Acres

Property has Sold


Lot 21

Area = 4.76 Acres
Water = On Water System

Property has Sold


Lot A

Area = 3.82 Acres
Water = Well Allowance


Lot B

Area = 3.82 Acres

Property has Sold


Lot C

Area = 4.96 Acres
Water = Well on Property


Lot D

Area = 3.98 Acres
Water = Well Allowance


Lot E

Area = 4.81 Acres
Water = Well Allowance


Lot F

Area = 7.72 Acres
Water = Well Allowance


Lot G

Area = 5.27 Acres
Water = Well Allowance

Property has Sold


Lot H

Area = 6.65 Acres
Water = Well Allowance


Lot I

Area = 4.33 Acres

Property has Sold



Partial Restrictions List

The following is a non-binding simplified summary of the more substantial restrictions that apply to Settlers Ridge. All Buyers are bound to the actual recorded Restrictions filed with the County Clerk of Mason County.

  • Residences – Single family dwellings only. A smaller secondary dwelling such as a guest house or servant quarters will be allowed. No retail or commercial businesses will be allowed in the Development.
  • Residence Appearances and Limitations – Settler's Ridge is designed to reflect Texas Hill Country aesthetic in the overall look of its residences, garages, landscaping, fencing and any out-buildings. Construction needs to be completed over one year period. All new residences must have a minimum area of 1,500 square feet of indoor air conditioned space and must not be any larger than 4,000 square feet. All plans must be approved by the ACC.
  • Combined Lots – Buyers interested in acquiring multiple contiguous lots will be able to have their build-back boundaries redefined by the ACC.
  • Maintaining Appearances – RVs, boats, 4-wheelers, etc. must be stored in an ACC approved barn or garage. No temporary sheds, carports or tents. No window AC units, swamp coolers, or tinted windows. No TV or radio antennas. Satellite dishes are limited to two per Lot.
  • Hunting and Firearms – In that Settlers Ridge is located in the Texas Hill-Country, there is an abundance of native wildlife. However, no hunting or discharge of firearms, compound bows, or crossbows is permitted.
  • Animals – No more than three dogs and three cats per residence. If a dog isn't on Owner’s property, it will require being on a leash.
  • Livestock - A property Owner may have a certain number of fenced-in horses, cows, goats, sheep or chickens - depending on the actual property size.
  • Developer's Cattle – The Developer maintains a small herd of cattle with access to all available land. If you prefer not to have cattle on your property – you should allow for fencing.
  • Property Owners Association - The annual POA Assessment Fee is billed in February and due in March of the current year.

Interested Buyers should be aware that Settlers Ridge Subdivision is subject to certain restrictions set out in its recently recorded THIRD AMENDED DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS (the “Restrictions”) which apply to all property Owners. Settlers Ridge also has Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”) provisions and a Property Owners Association (“POA”). At such time an Earnest Money Contract is executed between BN Property Developers, LLC and a potential Buyer, the Buyer will be given copies of all such related legal documents for review, prior to Closing. A prospective Buyer may also receive a copy prior to signing an Earnest Money Contract on request.